Tired of long board games? Fear not, Number Cortex games are relatively short and yet challenging.

No need to read through a manual. An interactive tutorial will take you through the game within minutes. Number Cortex is easy to learn but hard to master.

Number Cortex is challenging and intellectually stimulating. If you need a little mental exercise, this game is for you.

18 unique levels of fun, especially for puzzle lovers!

Overview of Game

Number Cortex is an original two player board game where you take turns with your opponent placing numbers on a square grid (1 ~ 17, excluding 9). However, you get to choose which number your opponent will play next. Your objective in this game is to get four in a row of a “common attribute” either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. In other words, you are trying to line up four-in-a-row of

  • Odds or Evens
  • Single digits or double digits
  • More attributes will be revealed as you play

The trick is to carefully eliminate the numbers you cannot pass to your opponent and force your opponent to give you a winning number. Go ahead and test yourself against various levels of artificial intelligence!

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